• Would you refresh or create customized
    website and graphic identity
    of your business?

  • Are you looking for training services for businesses and individuals or language support
    for communicating with foreign countries?

  • You have an event to organize
    or capture
    with photographs of real professionals?

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Welcome to Franky | studio

Franky | studio is a web agency, communication and training that comes from talent, dedication and passion of a young, dynamic and titrated with years of study and experience in the field.

Why Franky | studio?

Web agency, communication and training





We love our job! Passion is our gear, that vibration with which we face every day a new project.


Satisfy our customer and offer a service that meets their needs, expectations and tastes: this is our goal.


Think outside the box, to dare, to make proposals that rarely go unnoticed here is what sets us apart.


The proposals Franky | studio

Join our community and discover all the advantages!

  • Web Site
  • Easy, simple and edited any time you want
  • 300 €/year
  • High flexibility with monthly payment
  • per month
  • €19,99
  • Save money with annual payment
  • Find +
  • Languages
  • Translations, versions and conference interpreting
  • in 7 languages 
  • Professional translators 
  • starting from
  • €20,00
  • To folder
    1.500 characters
  • Find +
  • Graphics
  • Creativity and
    graphic design
    of your logo
  • study and design
  • Up to three different font variants
  • starting from
  • €69,99
  • Customized
  • Find +
  • Courses
  • Informatics, English, German and Photography
  • 20 hours
  • Ceriano L.tto, Lazzate e Seveso
  • starting from
  • €99,00
  • 3 levels
    of preparation
  • Find +


Franky | studio in brief ...


Franky | studio at a glance

History Some of us

Mission What we aim

Staff Our team

image Some of us


The project Franky | studio was founded in 2008 after many sleepless nights spent thinking about how to make a passion, a job. After years of careful analysis and evaluation, in 2012 Francis and Monica give life to what we like to call their "creature",
Franky | study, a company that every day grows and evolves with them, Rallo, their Jack Russell and mascot of the agency and its entire staff.

image What we aim


We appeal to all the organizations that they need to refine their image and find the right channel to communicate: our strength is to treat every project with the utmost care and deliver a job "tailor-made" for each of our customers, big or small that is.

image Our team


In Franky | study if they see all the colors: programmers, graphic artists, designers, teachers, web editors, journalists, translators, interpreters, photographers and event planners: a young team, but titrated and above all full of energy and a rich dose of creativity!

Services Overview

  • Web Site development +

    Professional websites and quality tailored to the needs of each customer.
  • Training +

    Group lessons and private foreign language, IT, photography and New Media
  • Graphics +

    Printing operations in the promotion and communication of the corporate image
  • Translations +

    Specialized translations to and from Italian, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Arabic and Chinese
  • Photos +

    Photographic services for events and supports graphics
  • Events +

    Support the organization and promotion of corporate events
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About us...

  • Competenza e professionalità fanno di Franky | studio il patner ideale per risolvere i tuoi problemi.
    Carlo Lesma, libero professionista 
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